I know what you’re thinking. Gross, right? If you are pregnant I encourage you to get over the “ick” factor and seriously consider the tremendous benefits of consuming your placenta. Modern encapsulation services make it easy and convenient, leaving you with the simple task of taking pills a few times a day while you recover from birth and care for your newborn.

Making another person is hard work for your body. The Chinese have consumed the placenta safely for hundreds of years, so long that it has become part of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. In Chinese Medicine the human placenta is referred to as “zi he che” and is a used as a tonifying herb to help nourish the body. This translates to more energy, more balanced hormones, increased breastmilk production, and decreased postpartum depression.

More Energy

A newborn needs lots of care. He or she will be eating constantly, need lots of diaper changes, and will most likely keep you awake most of the night as you all settle into your new nocturnal feeding routine. You will lose sleep. You will be tired. Placenta encapsulation is invaluable because it literally gives you back some of what your body labored to create over the past 40 weeks. In Chinese Medicine, the placenta replenishes your qi and blood which means you will have more energy to care for your precious little one.

Balanced Hormones

Hormones are real. They can profoundly affect your mood and disposition about life in general. Childbirth and the days shortly after are a time of tumultuous hormonal changes. Supplementing with your own placenta can make this time a much more gradual transition for new mom’s hormones. This means you get to revel in the joys and beauty of motherhood rather than finding yourself a moody mess who is short on patience and sobbing with anxiety riddled hysteria.

Increased Breastmilk Production

If you plan to breastfeed, taking your placenta pills can help your body have the substance necessary to produce more milk. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” This reiterates the theory in Chinese Medicine that if you are deficient or depleted your body will not have any qi or blood to give. In other words, to make milk you need to be robust and full of life.

Decreased Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression occurs after childbirth and affects 1 in 9 women according to the CDC. Eating your placenta can guard against the hormonal changes that contribute to postpartum depression. Most new moms prefer taking placenta pills over taking antidepressant medication.

Be brave. Try something new. Arrange to have your placenta encapsulated and have more energy, better balanced hormones, increased breastmilk, and decreased postpartum depression. It worked for me! I used a local encapsulation service called Womb Service. Here’s her website: WombService.com. She came to the hospital to pick up the placenta, processed it, and hand-delivered it to me in the recovery suite the next day. I would highly recommend her to anyone located in San Diego looking for this service.