Weight Loss

21-Day Catalyst Weight Loss Program

At ZenMed, our passion is helping you live a healthier happier life! According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, over one-third of adults in the U.S. are obese. We know how difficult weight loss can be especially if you have a substantial (over 50 pounds) amount of weight to lose. ZenMed has formulated a 21-Day Catalyst Program to help you begin your weight loss journey. This three-part approach to holistic weight loss is why we are different:


  1. Mind-Body
    Most weight loss programs neglect the emotional aspect of your weight loss journey. Acupuncture helps regulate emotions like stress, anxiety, or depression that can lead to emotional eating and derail your efforts. Acupuncture also regulates metabolism, reduces cravings, and improves digestion. ZenMed’s 21-Day Catalyst Weight Loss Program includes two acupuncture treatments per week. $299Nutrition 
  2. Nutrition
    Obesity is usually accompanied by an incessant desire to eat. This is because the body is craving nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are found in high-quality organic food. These nutrients are absent in processed foods, fatty foods, or junk foods. ZenMed helps you setup a meal delivery service, and provides guidance to help you learn which foods are suited to your weight loss goals. ZenMed’s 21-Day Catalyst Weight Loss Program has partnered with a healthy, meal preparation service called FITzee Foods that provides 21-day supply of healthy, fresh, organic meals delivered directly to your home. $35.85/day (3 meals/day)
  3. Activity
    Your body was made to move. A new fitness program can be very intimidating. Start small by adding more movement to your day gradually. Improve your progress by adding more walking to your routine, and build up to a 10,000 steps per day goal. Using the FitBit App on your smart phone, ZenMed will invite to participate in week-long walking challenges to keep you motivated and accountable. ZenMed’s 21-Day Catalyst Weight Loss Program suggests a Fitbit Alta. $129.95