ZenMed Acupuncture accepts insurance and is in-network with most major plans!

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Acupuncture Consultation | Free | This 30-Minute consultation is for first-time patients to discuss their concerns with a licensed acupuncturist. A detailed intake is completed by practitioner to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Most patients proceed with their first acupuncture treatment immediately after their private consultation.

Acupuncture | $100 Initial, 90-Minute | $80 Follow-Up, 60-Minute | Your acupuncture treatment is always customized to address your specific needs and goals. During your acupuncture treatment, your licensed practitioner may utilize additional therapies including: 

  • Cupping
  • Tui Na
  • Gua Sha
  • Infrared Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • CBD Ointment
  • Moxibustion
  • Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds
  • Aromatherapy
  • Lifestyle Recommendations

Acupuncture PackagesYour practitioner may prescribe a series of acupuncture treatments to treat your condition most effectively. These prepaid packages never expire and give returning patients the best value:

  • One 60-Minute Acupuncture Treatment | $80
  • Ten 60-Minute Acupuncture Treatments | $650 Prepaid 

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Chinese Herbal Consultation

Chinese Herbal Consultation | $45 | This 30-Minute service includes a detailed intake with a licensed herbalist who will prescribe a customized Chinese herbal prescription for your specific needs. For acupuncture patients, Chinese herbal consultations are available for no additional charge. Cost of Chinese herbal prescription is not included in consultation cost. 

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Cupping | $45 | This 30-minute service helps relieve sore muscles and speed sports recovery. This modern version of cupping uses BPA-free plastic cups that are applied to skin with a suction technique that feels like a “reverse massage.” Cups can leave round marks on the skin.

Heart Cupping | $75 | This 30-Minute service uses heart-shaped glass cups that are applied with the traditional fire-cupping method. The heart cups can leave marks on the skin that are in the shape of hearts! A must try!

Cellulite Cupping (Prepaid 4-Pack) | $400 | This 90-minute service uses special silicon cups that mold to the surface of skin to remove toxins and reduce cellulite. This treatment uses a technique called “sliding cups” in which the suctioned cups are gently moved continuously across the skin by a licensed therapist. This service is most popular for toning thighs and legs but can be applied to any area of concern. We only offer this service in packages of 4, as it is necessary to do a minimum of 4 treatments – one per week – to see results. Discreet before and after photos available upon request.

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Additional Therapies

Tui Na Massage | This rhythmic massage technique, pronounced “twee na”, is typically administered with an acupuncture treatment to alleviate acute or chronic pain conditions. The practitioner uses her hands applying a therapeutic rolling method over the patient’s clothing.

Gua Sha | This massage technique, pronounced “gwa shah”, is typically administered with an acupuncture treatment to alleviate acute or chronic pain conditions. A special instrument is used to gently scrape the skin which encourages healing.

Infrared Therapy | This therapy accompanies an acupuncture treatment. A safe, soothing infrared heat lamp is applied to a body area to promote deep relaxation.

Electrical Stimulation | Also known as “electro-acupuncture”, this therapy utilizes a specialized machine that sends a controlled electrical current through specific acupuncture points to relax muscles spasms and relieve acute or chronic pain.

CBD Ointment | $5 Upgrade | Derived from legal hemp plant, ZenMed uses a professional-grade CBD Ointment for excellent site-specific pain relief. CBD Ointment available for retail purchase.

Moxibustion | Derived from the mugwort herb, the practitioner may burn this herb as an accompanying therapy to an acupuncture treatment. This warming herb is useful for treating a variety of internal conditions including fertility therapy or digestive conditions.

Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds | $5 Upgrade | At the end of your acupuncture session, your practitioner may apply these beautiful Swarovski crystal ear seeds at specific points on the ear to prolong the effects of your treatment.

Aromatherapy | $5 Upgrade | As a complement to your acupuncture treatment, certain essential oils may be applied at specific acupuncture points to enhance the potency and relaxation of your treatment.

Lifestyle Recommendations | Your practitioner may discuss certain lifestyle adjustments including dietary therapy, exercises, stretching, etc. that may benefit your specific needs.

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Cancellation Policy: As a courtesy to the office and other patients, we ask that you please notify the office at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You will be charged a $25 fee for any missed appointment or cancellation giving less than 24 hour notice for any non-emergency situation.