With a total of 28 Olympic medals including 23 gold medals, here is what the most decorated Olympian in history knows about cupping that you should know too. Did you notice the dark-purple marks on Michael Phelps during the 2016 Olympic games? Those marks were from an ancient therapy called cupping. Cupping can be used to help speed sports recovery by increasing circulation and blood flow to tired muscles. The technique uses small cups that are applied to the skin with a suction technique that feels like a “reverse massage.” The theory behind cupping is that the suction literally pulls wastes like lactic acid out of the muscle tissue and releases them into the bloodstream so the body can more efficiently heal and recover. Cupping is most often performed on the back and shoulders for muscle aches and stiffness. The therapy typically leaves marks look like perfectly round bruises. However, these marks are not painful and disappear within several days. At ZenMed we offer cupping therapy which we affectionately refer to as the “Zen Tattoo” service because it leaves you with a temporary “tattoo.” Try this cupping service for only $30. Please visit our website at ZenMedSD.com for scheduling information.