In Chinese Medicine the spirit, mind, and the body are not treated as separate parts. They are one. When the spirit is injured the body manifests symptoms. When the body is injured the spirit manifests symptoms. Learn about the physical symptoms of heartbreak, how they are connected with grief and the lung, and how acupuncture can help you experience healing.

Physical Symptoms of Heartbreak

Did you just go through a big break up? Did a loved one just pass away? Maybe you lost your job? These are all significant losses that can profoundly affect your body. This kind of life altering event is an emotional time! All pronounced emotions take a toll on the body. You may be experiencing shortness of breath or a suffocating feeling in your chest. Your breathing may feel ragged like you are unable to deeply inhale. This is not a coincidence. Here’s why.

Grief and The Lung

In Chinese medicine, every organ is associated with a specific emotion. The emotion associated with the Lung is grief. One of the main emotions experienced during heartbreak is grief or loss. When you are experiencing unending grief, the Lung becomes taxed because it must process this emotion. The Lung becomes overwhelmed and suddenly it becomes very difficult to breathe. This can be particularly severe if you find it tough to express your sadness outwardly. Unexpressed emotions can accumulate in the body and cause imbalances in their associated organs. For instance, suppressing sorrow can cause adult onset of asthma. Emotions must be released for the physical body to remain balanced. Here’s how you can help your body cope while you recover from your broken heart.

Acupuncture and Healing

Acupuncture offers an effective way to assist the Lung’s ability to process your grief. By placing tiny needles at specific points located on the chest and arms acupuncture can help release unresolved sadness from the body. Sometimes patients experience an emotional release and may cry profusely during a treatment. This is normal and indicates your treatments are helping you. The acupuncture points on the lung channel also help to open the chest which can make the suffocating feeling easier to manage. I recommend committing to months of regular treatments to begin the healing process.

The body and mind are inseparable. Emotions are experienced inside our bodies as well as our minds. It is important to support your body to help the spirit heal from a broken heart. It is likely the physical symptoms resulting from grief are related to the exhaustion of Lung organ. Getting regular acupuncture treatments is a safe holistic way to facilitate healing.