Why you should try ear acupuncture and eat these 3 healing foods.

Auricular Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture is also known as auricular acupuncture.  The word auricular refers to the ear, and this therapy involves the insertion of tiny needles in the ear. According to Chinese medicine, the ear is a microcosm of the whole body. A multitude of conditions can be treated via specific points on the ear. While receiving this treatment which is usually 20 – 30 minutes long, you can expect to feel a deep sense of relaxation and calm.  Talk with your acupuncturist about trying ear acupuncture for weight loss, fertility, and pain relief.


The wolfberry is also known as the goji berry. This food is commonly used in Chinese Medicine to protect eye health. It is also an excellent energy booster or “qi tonic.” It is an excellent food to include to help prevent the leading cause of blindness in elderly, macular degeneration. This dried fruit can also be enjoyed often as a nutritious snack.

Chinese Date

Chinese dates are commonly used in Chinese medicine for digestive issues resulting from stress due to overthinking (usually manifesting as loose stools). Chinese dates can be found at an Asian grocery store or Chinese herb shop. A simple way to incorporate this food into your diet is to add a few to a cup of hot water and sip as a mild tea.


Walnuts are commonly used in Chinese medicine to enhance vitality and combat exhaustion. They can also be used to treat constipation since they effectively moisten healthy intestines to encourage normal bowel movements. According to the doctrine of signatures, herbs resembling particular parts of the body can be used by herbalists to treat imbalances of those body parts. Since walnuts look like a brain, they are excellent for brain health. This food is great to have on hand when you need a quick and pick-me-up.

Everyday Acupuncture

Many patients ask me what acupuncture is good for? The answer is simply acupuncture is always a good idea! It is a whole-body medicine that can treat the mind and body to keep you feeling great before there is a serious issue to address. One of our foundational principles at ZenMed Acupuncture is that you deserve to be healthy and happy.  This is why you should invest in regular acupuncture sessions as a valuable addition to your wellness regimen. Infuse some zen and healing in your life and visit our local San Diego clinic by booking your appointment online at ZenMedSD.com.