Here’s how I enjoy my holiday smorgasbords with minimal discomfort. These tips help me eat as much as I want without the post-turkey tummy woes. This holiday season try these remedies based on Chinese Medicine. Use this acupressure point, drink this easy ginger tea, or take this classic Chinese herbal formula.

Acupressure Point

Acupressure is an easy way to reap the benefits of acupuncture. Simply press for 5-10 seconds 2-3 times on a specific location of the body. My favorite point to use when I am experiencing digestive discomfort is located on the center of the stomach halfway between the belly button and the sternal-costal angle. This point is called Ren 12 and is also known as “Middle Cavity”. This point is great for stomach aches, bloating, or gas especially due to overeating. It is the perfect point to remember after your favorite holiday meal. Watch my short video here demonstrating how to find this acupressure point on yourself.

Easy Ginger Tea

Ginger is almost always indicated for digestive complaints. Cut a few slices of fresh ginger, add to a cup of hot water, and add a touch of honey for taste. Sip slowly and enjoy. If you don’t have any fresh ginger at home already add it to your grocery list to have on hand. You may even prefer to grab a box of ginger tea bags as a convenient alternative.

Chinese Herbal Formula

This classic Chinese herbal formula is called “Bao He Wan” or “Preserve Harmony Pill” and is specifically indicated for “food stagnation”. Food stagnation is that feeling you get when you eat too much and it feels like your meal is just sitting in your belly. I recommend having this in your medicine cabinet this holiday season for a natural remedy. You can order this formula on amazon here.

Hopefully you will find these tips helpful this holiday season anytime you feel like you ate too much. Support my small business by following @ZenMed Acupuncture on Facebook or zenmed_acupuncture on Instagram here.